Top 3 Strategies For Selling Services

Selling services is quite different from selling products, even though some marketers might disagree with me. Therefore, it is important to develop a strong and unique service selling strategy.Top 3 Strategies for Selling Services:#1 Strategy: Focus your service business on a specific segment of customer (for example, the real estate market, doctors, banks, specific industries, etc.). Marketing professional services to a specific customer group must focus on why the customer needs those services and how outsourcing services fulfills the customers needs.For example, if you are a graphic designer and you target residential property developers as your clients, you need to develop a strategy and approach that communicates why the developer should select you to design his/her project campaign and how your specific services will help sell the project. Focus on what you deliver. Prepare a budget for total cost (not hourly costs); or break your budget down into specific categories, such as advertising – television, newspapers and magazines; signage; and promotional brochures and direct mailing.#2 Strategy: Focus your service business on what you, and your business, can deliver. Your customers are buying your skills, your experience, your training and education – in effect, they are buying what you are capable of delivering. Often they are also buying your reputation and credibility: service selling is about building strong relationships. Customers who buy financial, legal, medical, business services need to trust in that relationship. It is challenging to convince customers to switch from another service provide to you without first building a trust relationship.If you have staff that are delivering services for your company, your customers are buying the services of your staff. Be careful that you treat your staff well – if they leave, often the customers that they have been working with will also leave.#3 Strategy: Focus on pricing your services on a project basis (if possible). Pricing by the hour or showing the cost on a per hour basis often leaves the customer wondering about wasted time or excess billed time. So, when you prepare quotes for your services show the price as an all inclusive price. For example, for legal services for the incorporation of small businesses, quote a flat fee. If you are concerned that you will need to provide extra services at no charge, make sure that you detail what service you provide for that price. And show what the extras might cost as additional notes on the price quote. Most service businesses believe they need to bill for every hour (or quarter hour) spent; but the reality is that if the business builds its price structure correctly than hourly charges can be incorporated into a flat fee structure.Selling service is like selling a product in one key way: satisfied customers will mean return business and often will mean increased business through referrals. Service businesses are difficult to sell because they’re typically owner-dependent, with little in the way of capital equipment (like manufacturers have).It is more difficult to ‘prove’ the value of the service you provide because service, by its very nature, is intangible, whereas a product is tangible. When you develop your marketing plan and selling strategy, you need to focus on referrals, on satisfied customers, on samples of your work whatever is most appropriate in your business. You want to, and need to, communicate the quality of your service.Recognize that selling service in a business-to-business environment is generally a longer cycle than selling products and therefore your selling strategy needs to focus on a strong marketing program. Customers will need more information, more points of contact, and more time to make their buying decision. Selling service in a consumer environment is typically a short cycle (for example, hair styling and cutting). Be consistent with your selling strategy, focus your efforts on strong and relevant business ideas that support the service you are selling. Do the follow-up. Make another contact. Build a communications cycle for your service that makes sense.Finally, because your success is so dependent on your relationship with your customer and on your ability to satisfy expectations, you need to survey your customers on a regular basis and ensure that they are satisfied with the service you provide.

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How to Choose a Great Canvas Art Wall Picture

Canvas wall art is an exceptional art that can add beauty and elegance to the most lifeless of wall spaces. With its ability to bring stylish ambience to any interior choosing canvas wall art for yourself or others can be an inspiring process.In this day and age buying wall art is easier than ever, with the internet providing a better and wider selection of paintings and prints compared to those in the past that came from the traditional galleries you could look in.When it comes to canvas wall art there is a great deal choice, one of which being the opportunity to pick and use your very own digital photo’s and have them transformed into your own special canvas wall art. All you need to do is find a reputable professional company that ideally specialize in canvas wall art and there are plenty around.Using your own digital photography can make your canvas wall art extra special and personal too, this can make it a great gift for that special occasion.If however, you have decided and have your heart set on purchasing a work of art then there are more decisions to make.There is the choice between Landscape and abstract.Landscape could be for you if you are looking for that understated natural beauty and the earthy colours that a landscape picture usually contains this can add a certain warmth and comfort to any given wall.On the other hand you have Abstract, Abstract pictures are usually made up of forms and colours and can be a striking colourful piece for a blank wall. Abstract art is a type of art which can conjure up different ideas and thoughts to individuals, making it open to interpretation.There is also the choice of iconic images of people and places, these works of art are popular and can be a great talking point.Some people like to choose a piece of art strongly taking colour into consideration, you could either choose colours that go with your interior design so that the work or art is subtle and enhance the look of a room or on the other had you could choose contrasting colours to make to make your picture really stand out from the rest of the room.All being said, choosing a canvas wall art picture is a personal decision and one that should be considered carefully.Whatever your decision the main thing is that you are happy with it.

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Embroidery Digitizing Services – The Basic Digitizing Processes

Creating the most immaculate embroidery designs has been a very noble art in the past. The appeal of an elaborately design embroidery piece continues to appeal to many people and right now, with computer software, complex designs and pieces can be created to create the most realistic, graphic, sensational and romantic designs that the mind could concoct. Many companies right now offer excellent embroidery digitizing services to ensure that individuals and even businesses can have great templates to designs that can be easily fed to machines for a sensational design. Computer technology surely changed the way designs are made and created.Companies that provide embroidery digitizing services could provide image manipulation and vector design services. This means that the images that were sent to them can be manipulated into simplified, line arts or vector images that can be manipulated to fit the clients needs for embroidery. The images that are finished can be sent into a file format that could readily fit a company s embroidery machinery for an easy stitching to the fabric. In other embroidery digitizing services, the vector designs use a variety of corresponding colors to match the actual colors that are needed for the project. They are traded on the fabric and then the embroidered accordingly.The embroidery digitizing services are capable of creating stunning embroidered projects that are almost realistic in a sense. In the past, without the computer technology, such designs would have been very difficult to do because it is very time consuming to create designs. With the implementation of computer technologies to embroidery, things have gotten much faster and creating designs has become more fun, productive and easier. Professional embroiderers will surely be captivated with the amazing appeal of embroidery digitizing services. Creating designs are now faster and handling the designs is also more productive now. Manufacturers who need faster and more cost effective ways of doing embroidery also take notice of the amazing benefits of the service.Many embroidery digitizing services are offered right now in the Internet. There are a lot of sites that provide great design processes and they have the finished results to prove that their designs are really impressive and perfect. Many companies provide quotes so that clients can determine how much and how extensive the stitches for the embroidery would be. The number of stitches could determine the price and the complexity of design will also determine how much the designs would take. Overall, no matter what design it is, it will be made to fit into the needs and desire of a client to have the most beautiful embroidered designs for shirts, for art projects and other purposes.All in all, the various embroidery digitizing services are there for customers to take advantage. No matter how complex the designs would be, a skilled digitizer would be able to manipulate the designs and meticulously put all the details without losing the whole appeal of the original. Anyone passionate in embroidery will surely find the benefits of digitizing, really beneficial.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Online Graphic Arts Colleges

Interested in a career in graphic arts? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most graphic design jobs require a bachelor’s degree. So if you’re already busy with family commitments, a full-time job, or a long commute that makes attending traditional classes impractical, then look through the following questions to figure out whether a graphic arts school online could be right for you.Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Online Graphic Arts Schools1. Can you work well independently? Those who are interested in online arts schools should be self-motivated and disciplined. The freedom and flexibility of online graphic arts schools means that there will be no one checking to make sure you completed your homework, listened to the lecture, or are even progressing toward the end of your coursework. If you don’t think you’ll handle the freedom well, online graphic art schools may not be for you.2. Do you thrive on community? If you are the type of person who enjoys face-to-face interactions, you might do better in a traditional arts classroom. If you enjoy working with others but are still interested in online arts courses, then look for an online school that offers plenty of opportunities for discussion and feedback, which could include online discussion boards, peer reviews, and plenty of correspondence with the instructor.3. Do you know where to find scholarships? According to the New York Times, most online schools charge tuition similar to that of traditional schools. So even if you’re saving money on commuting gas, room and board, or by working at the same time that you’re studying, finding scholarships can save you even more money. Look at the College Board Web site and; these are two free Web sites that can help you get started.4. Is your online graphic arts school accredited? Buyer beware: there are online schools out there that offer diplomas at a price, but aren’t actually accredited. If you want to make sure your degree actually means something, check the accreditation status of your online graphic school at the U.S. Department of Education Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.5. Does your school’s graphic arts program mesh with your career goals? If you’re just looking for basic training in graphic design, you may not need to be as picky about what graphic arts school you attend. If, however, you are interested specifically in graphic design with an emphasis in advertising, magazine layout, or art direction, make sure the online arts school you enroll in offers courses, if not an emphasis, in your secondary field.If you have done the research, know your career goals, and know your learning style, then you are probably ready to attend an online school for graphic arts. Keep working hard and don’t let yourself get sidetracked, and you should be well on your way to a career in arts.

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Choosing a Self Defense, Martial Arts School – A Parents Guide

“Daddy, I want to take Karate!”"Mommy, Jimmy on the bus hit me again today”There are many reasons why parents want to sign their children up for Self Defense or Martial Arts classes. Once you have made the decision, now you are faced with many different options and questions. What style? How much does it cost? Is my child to young?Martial Arts and Self Defense StylesThere are as many different styles of Martial Arts as there are religions in the world. You have probably heard of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, and even Aikido, but there are still numerous styles and offshoots of the Major styles.So what Style is the Best and what style should I choose?In reality, it is this author’s opinion that the style of Martial Arts your child will learn is not that important. What is important is the method of teaching and training that your child will undergo. With Martial Arts training your child should learn self-discipline, self-respect, and self-esteem, along with the confidence and ability to defend themselves.The Instructor, (or Sensei) is the key. I suggest that all parents visit several locations with their children to observe the Instructor at work. Make sure you visit a beginner’s class as well as an upper level class. The beginner’s class is where your child will start.Does the instructor’s personality and philosophy match your morals and ideals? Does the class participate in any “Eastern Religious” practice that doesn’t match your faith? Do you want your child viewing this instructor as a role model? Most children will look up to their Martial Arts & Self Defense Instructors as role models and will be in awe of their skills and abilities. Make sure that this person who will be dealing with your children matches your values.It is also important to view an upper level class. The beginner classes are usually very tame, and the teaching philosophy is tailored to a younger audience. However, the older the student is, the “real” teaching and training methods are put into effect. You may feel comfortable with how the instructor “teaches” the younger beginning students, but may not be comfortable with how they handle the older students.CostThe majority of Martial Arts & Self Defense Locations (or Dojo’s) run their business on a membership basis. Customers must sign contracts, where they are obligated to pay for a certain time period to participate. The locations are run like a gym membership, you pay for a certain length of time and may participate as often as you desire.Unfortunately, rarely are the “hidden costs” discussed when signing up for a class or membership. What are the hidden costs? The most over looked cost is the “testing fee”. In Martial Arts there are numerous skill levels that are equated to a belt rank. After a certain period of time and training, the student is ready to advance to a new level or belt in their martial arts style, and a “belt test” will be performed. This “belt test” almost always required the student to pay a “belt-testing fee”. I have seen fees from $50 up to $500 depending on the belt rank. Parents, make sure you inquire about these fees and are comfortable with them before you sign any contract.Another hidden cost is required items to purchase. Some locations require that you purchase a uniform with the schools logo. The average cost of these uniforms range from $30-$50. As the child advances in rank, protective sparring gear is required. Now this is normally mandatory for the child’s protection and safety, but can be expensive. Normal safety gear for Martial Arts consists of Foot Pads, Hand Pads, Head Gear, Mouth Piece, Groin Cup, and optional Spar Vest. Depending on the style and sizes all this gear together cost about $150 retail or higher.So Parents, factor in the total cost of classes, testing fees, and required equipment when making your decisions.AgeAt what age should my child begin Martial Arts or Self Defense? Now this is an often-debated issue. I have seen children as young as 4 years old participate in Martial Arts or Self Defense training. Some have been successful while others it was just to young. The age of which a child should start Martial Arts or Self Defense classes should be judged on an individual basis and be determined by the parents. Some key points to consider. Does the child have a good attention span? Has the child participated and flourished in other group activities? Is the child comfortable in larger group settings?If the child is currently enrolled in grade school and has no problem adapting to those settings or conditions then they should be considered old enough to participate and benefit from Martial Arts or Self Defense instruction.

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