5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Online Graphic Arts Colleges

Interested in a career in graphic arts? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most graphic design jobs require a bachelor’s degree. So if you’re already busy with family commitments, a full-time job, or a long commute that makes attending traditional classes impractical, then look through the following questions to figure out whether a graphic arts school online could be right for you.Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Online Graphic Arts Schools1. Can you work well independently? Those who are interested in online arts schools should be self-motivated and disciplined. The freedom and flexibility of online graphic arts schools means that there will be no one checking to make sure you completed your homework, listened to the lecture, or are even progressing toward the end of your coursework. If you don’t think you’ll handle the freedom well, online graphic art schools may not be for you.2. Do you thrive on community? If you are the type of person who enjoys face-to-face interactions, you might do better in a traditional arts classroom. If you enjoy working with others but are still interested in online arts courses, then look for an online school that offers plenty of opportunities for discussion and feedback, which could include online discussion boards, peer reviews, and plenty of correspondence with the instructor.3. Do you know where to find scholarships? According to the New York Times, most online schools charge tuition similar to that of traditional schools. So even if you’re saving money on commuting gas, room and board, or by working at the same time that you’re studying, finding scholarships can save you even more money. Look at the College Board Web site and Fastweb.com; these are two free Web sites that can help you get started.4. Is your online graphic arts school accredited? Buyer beware: there are online schools out there that offer diplomas at a price, but aren’t actually accredited. If you want to make sure your degree actually means something, check the accreditation status of your online graphic school at the U.S. Department of Education Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.5. Does your school’s graphic arts program mesh with your career goals? If you’re just looking for basic training in graphic design, you may not need to be as picky about what graphic arts school you attend. If, however, you are interested specifically in graphic design with an emphasis in advertising, magazine layout, or art direction, make sure the online arts school you enroll in offers courses, if not an emphasis, in your secondary field.If you have done the research, know your career goals, and know your learning style, then you are probably ready to attend an online school for graphic arts. Keep working hard and don’t let yourself get sidetracked, and you should be well on your way to a career in arts.

Can Arts and Crafts For Kids in the Preschool Classroom Damage Self Esteem in Children?

Are Traditional Arts and Crafts for Kids that are done in Preschools Damaging Kids Self Esteem?If you are a preschool teacher you must have loads of arts and crafts for kids already prepared for the upcoming school year. Have you ever stopped to think of how beneficial these art activities are for your preschool students?Children love arts and crafts, and as nursery, and kindergarten teachers do not have to cover as much ground as older elementary classes do, they often fill up of their time with arts and crafts for kids.All curriculum, however, in the preschool classroom needs to be planned with basic skills for the children in mind.Developmental preschool education bases its curriculum guidelines on famous psychologists like Jean Piaget and Erick Erickson. Based on what they have discovered about how children learn is how we should be basing our curriculum.One of the things Erick Erickson discovered is that children are struggling with basic concepts at different ages and need to successfully navigate those stages before going on to the next stage.One of the struggles that preschoolers are dealing with is self esteem, how much do they trust themselves and how good they feel about themselves will determine their success in schoolTraditional arts and crafts for kids unfortunately does not help foster a good self esteem. How good can kids feel about themselves when all of the projects in the classroom are all identical with no individuality. Even teachers that say the children do the arts and crafts themselves still have identical looking projects.I remember speaking to a cousin of mine many years ago who distinctly remembers her kindergarten teacher holding up a model of what they were going to make for that days project and thinking to herself “Oh mine will NEVER look like that”Wouldn’t it be better if the children were allowed to create at their own level, to make mistakes in a safe environment that are not really mistakes at their age. This way by using the wonderful medium of arts and crafts for kids it is an opportunity for children’s self esteem to develop which will allow them to safely take new risks. What an important prerequisite for elementary school.I think its high time that preschool teachers start learning how to develop their art curriculums in their classrooms to incorporate non crafts projects instead of the traditional arts and crafts for kids